Export videos

This module allows the user to generate new videos with the annotations and the object’s paths or contours directly drawn on the video.

How to use

1. Open the “Modules” tab and choose the “Export Videos” module.


You can preview the generated video by clicking the video you selected and then clicking on the ‘Play’ button under the video player

2. For each tab, choose the settings accordingly to what you want to include in the generated video:


In this tab, the user should select the video over which the annotations and/or the paths will be drawn.

By checking the “Draw paths” checkbox, all the selected paths and contours will be drawn in the generated video.

Using the blue slider or the left and right textboxes, the user can also select a start and an end time for the video. The video will then only be generated for the interval between the start and end time.


To change the start and end frame you also have to click on the name of the video, not just the checkbox


To use this tab, you must have selected a dataset(path or contour) in the PATH tab.

If a contour was selected in the previous tab, a circle will be drawn in the position of the object for the corresponding frame using the contour’s area.

In case you select the checkbox “Use a fixed size”, which is mandatory if the selected dataset is a path, a circle with a fixed size will be drawn every frame over the object’s position. Use the slider to change the size of the circle.

Circle color

If any dataset is selected, the drawn circle will use the color of this dataset for each frame. If instead the checkbox “Use a fixed color” is selected, the drawn circle will use the chosen color. To change the color, simply change the numbers, beware it is in the BGR format (0-255).


If any image is selected, the video will be generated with the image in the background instead of the frames of the video.

Draw events

Select the events to be drawn in the exported video. If the “Draw titles” checkbox is select, the titles of the events will be also drawn.

Split files by events

In this tab, the user can select to only generate the video during certain moments.
If no events are selected, the whole video will be generated. If one or more events are selected, the video will only be generated during those events.
The generated video will also be split in multiple videos, where each video will correspond to one of the selected events.

3. Choose the directory you want to save the video in by clicking the “Open” button on the bottom right side and then write the name you want the video to have in the “Output file name” textbox.

4. Click the “Export Video(s)” button to generate the video.


The module will generate a video or videos in the chosen directory.