Python Video Annotator’s Documentation

What is the Python Video Annotator?

The PythonVideoAnnotator is a graphical application written in python, to analyze videos and create notes for events in the video. It was developed with the aim of helping neuroscience and ethology researchers identify animals’ behaviors based on the information extracted from the video.

Paths, contours and outputs of external devices, like accelerometers, sound recorders, pokes, pressure devices and other sensors can be combined to find classes of events to identify behaviors.


Organize your data and work on multiple videos at the same time with the project tree.

Import the output of your scripts, third party applications or external devices, into your project and follow its changes over the time.

On each video you may have associated objects that you can track and compare their properties.

Navigate in the video, annotate and modify events with the timeline bar.

Plot the data on the timeline to compare values over the time.



Access and modify the data easily with the open formats.

The project data is organized in an intuitive structure, and files are saved with open formats like json and csv to garantee the portability of the data.

Modify the project structure by moving the folders around with your filesystem manager.

The python video annotator is plugins based which allow to toggle the activation of the ones that are already included or add new ones developed by you.

Validate automatically tracking mistakes and correct them using the tracking modules or the manual correction.

_images/background-calculator.gif _images/player.png

Visualize the tracking information directly on the video player, smooth paths, calculate the videos’ backgrounds and much more ...



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